Move Clip Grid (Max For Live)

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Ableton Live - custom Max For Live device.

Download trial version before buying.

[19 Jun 2022] Demo version updated for Launchpad mini/Pro/ SL MK3.
200+ tracks also now supported. Try the demo before buying.

Demo version -

[28 Apr 2022] - BUG: It is not possible to jump to any track higher than 130.

[28 Feb 2022] - Not working with Novation Launchpad Pro and Mini and SL Mk3 keyboard.

[3 May 2021]  Tested and working with Live 11
(video here:

[25 Mar 2021] **Not Tested With Live 11** (1 reported issue with L11)

Move the control surface 'red box' to up to 8 preset locations!

This device allows you to store 8 preset locations inside of your session that can be jumped to with a single click/midi mapped button. It's a great performance tool for managing large Ableton sessions.

Choose track and scene name for each preset, then press the button to jump to that location.

See the video for quick overview, or click help button inside of the patch for setup details (

Download is for the latest version v.19 (23 June 2019). As at 21 March 2020, there have been no more updates, but please keep any feedback coming.


 - 8 preset slots midi-map or mouse click addressable
 - supports Push 1, 2 and APC and any controller that works with Ableton*
 - Settings are saved with the patch
 - Great for large sessions/DJ sets/backing track set-lists.
- the download contains a MIDI and Audio version of the M4L plugin (Jan 2021)
 - Works with Live 11.


- you must have a controller plugged in to Live that creates the red box, this software will not create the red box on its own (Jan 2021)
- track/scene names cannot be duplicates
- all folded tracks will be unfolded
- if the track is renamed (either manually or when you change a midi sound) the preset button will not work. The device works on the current name of the track or scene (Jan 2021)
- there is a small bug where the device won't re-load a preset correctly, if that preset is the same track that the move clip grid device is on, the track dropdown will show 'This track'. To avoid this, use the device on it's own track.

- Not tested with Launchpad X, one user commented they had issues with the trial version using a Launchpad X.

*tested with Push 1 and 2, Live 8, 9, 10, 11. Others have said it works with the APC. Let me know if you have any issues with other controllers

More details here & demo version here (try before you buy):

Version history:
19 Jan 2021 - updated comments/limitations. Audio plugin version added


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Move Clip Grid (Max For Live)

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